Thursday, June 6, 2013

Media vs Reality

I was cutting up an apple in the break room at work the other day when one of the gals that works in our building asked me how much fruit I eat. I can't remember my response exactly but it was something like, " I don't know, a lot. I love fruit!" She then went on to say she loved fruit too but had recently read (key phrase, RECENTLY READ) that eating fruit wasn't a good thing because of the sugar. Then she wanted to know about dairy products as she had heard (again, HEARD) that they can be good or also bad for you. The conversation went on for a few minutes about these things and in the end these were the thoughts that were going through my mind.
Everyone out there has tried things, heard things, and is interested in others results because they want to change something about themselves. Right? The problem I personally see (note, this is my own opinion) is that nine times out of ten we as human beings are wanting results immediately. We want a smaller size next week. We have procrastinated too long and the family reunion is in a month. Do any of these things sound familiar? They certainly do for me. In fact, for years I would read up on what others were doing to lose weight. The more enticing it sounded the more I wanted to try. (If they can do it like that, it will work for me too.)
The bottom line is this. None of those things work. If you are wanting to change your life, how you view food, and fall in love with exercise, that is where you need to put your energy and resources. I know for me, when I changed the way I was thinking and focused more on getting healthy and being happy, the weight loss was an added bonus. It was as if I was eating right and working out to make me a better me, and on the side the weight began to melt away. Yes, it was a slower process than what EVERYONE else is doing (it took over 2 years to lose 133 pounds) but that didn't matter and wasn't even an issue as I was trying to look at it from a different perspective than I had ever done before. My focus was not losing weight, my focus became getting healthy.
Food is to be used as a tool not the enemy. Life is meant to be able to incorporate and enjoy ALL foods. I never deprived myself of anything and I don't believe anyone out there trying to lose large amounts of weight should. If you can't lose the weight while enjoying all things in moderation and make it something that will be a part of you forever, you aren't ready to commit and make the change. I had to commit to being okay that it took years to become healthy. They key is learning to eat it in moderation and what seems to work for your body. Every single body out there is built differently and what some respond well to others may not. Find your own nitch and what is comfortable for you.
For me, that day in the break-room it was fruit. Yep, blueberries, a banana, apple, AND watermelon! 4 servings, and I'm just fine. In fact, my body loved it! Listen to your body, not what the media or the people in the break room may tell you. You are a far better gage of what YOU like and respond well to better than any professional out there. Remember, before you know it, you are going to be the professional of your body.  

Here was a shot after my run yesterday. Yep, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm out for a run!  

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  1. Oh Paige, you are so right on! If I ate that much fruit in one setting, my blood sugar would sky rocket and I would get major crash. On the other hand, I seem to thrive on whole grains. The more in my diet the better. They don't cause excess weight and help my blood sugar to stay level. The media says that to much will cause bloating and weight gain.

    God made each of use different, we have to leave media experts behind and embrace what really works for you.

  2. Great post!! I agree, that what worked for someone else, did not work for me. I am finding my way!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  3. Yes, it true! Though fruits are recommended, eating too much of it is likewise unadvisable. For one, they have more sugar content, plus they are rich in water, especially melons or watermelons. In dialysis patients, fruits are definitely a no no! Anyway, thanks a lot for the information and reminder. Hope you’re doing great! Stay in good shape always!