Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Motivation...Do you Have What it Takes?

I’ve gotten several emails lately from people asking me how I got motivated to start losing weight and now that I am much smaller, how I stay motivated to keep pressing on. 
Really, I think the motivation for me started to spark when I was so unhappy with how I looked and who I was becoming instead of the person I hoped and dreamed of wanting to be. Just having a spark, a mere idea or thought is really all you need to get started. Sure, there is the friend or family member who has lost a bunch of weight, or the article you read in the magazine, or a blog you may enjoy following, but really what brought you to that point of looking and reading?  That spark within you, right? It’s that easy. You just have to think about it and then want it. 
I know some times that sounds easier said than done. I know that. I had over 130 pounds to lose and there were plenty of days I wondered how and if I was ever going to get there. All those thoughts are normal. We’re human. But in the beginning, I just kept reminding myself, “I want to do this.” And because I was the one deciding and no one was making a decision for me, it gave me the power and stamina and hope that I could be in control and make the change. 
I started small. I set goals. Simple ones. Ones that to others might seem silly but to me would make a difference, like not having seconds on a serving of something or purposely dressing up on a day I could lounge at home in my sweats. Things that weren’t full blown.  "Let’s eat and exercise a certain way.” I knew I wasn’t ready for that. I was mentally delicate, as are most people who have considerable amounts of weight to lose. I wanted to do a few small things to give me confidence and make me feel better. As I was successful in those, I added new things and before I knew it, I was on fire. Nothing was going to stop me. I knew I could do it. Even though I had moments of doubt along the way as I think that is totally normal, I was stronger than I thought and I was watching myself become something I never dreamed of becoming right before my very eyes. 
As far as the here and now, I stay motivated because I am in love with who I have become! I don’t mean that in a proud selfish way. I mean it in a way that I am in love with a person I didn’t know existed. A person that was nearly hiding for 40 years. A person that can now do things she never dreamed of doing. I definitely have had my share of hills and valleys along the way as well as during my maintenance, but I have learned and continue to learn, that is totally normal. 
If I can say one thing…if you have a spark, even if it be small, a desire, something inside you that wants to change, even if it doesn’t seem like much, if there is hope, that is all you need. Challenge yourself with some small goals in the coming weeks and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to a whole new you. 

This is what life was like when I had that first spark. That desire inside me that so wanted a change. (See, I had a lot of work to do, huh?) 

And here is life now. The spark and desire turned to hope, dedication, and an opportunity to be become who I am today. 

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  1. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. I have a spark. I'm trying to figure out how to make it into a flame. Please keep posting!

  2. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear it today. Thank you!!

  3. Can I ask how tall you are? It's such a joy to see these photos. I'm struggling right now. I've maintained a 50lb loss for some time (after losing 70 and gaining 20 back after a hip surgery). I just can't seem to get back on track to losing. I do really really well and my body doesn't reward me with a loss. Which is discouraging to say the least. Thanks for the post.

    1. Jen..I tried to reply to your post but It was a no reply address so I will reply here. I am 5' 6 1/2.
      Hang in there! I know what it's like to feel like your body is playing tricks on you. I still deal with that one.

  4. Wonderful POST! I was so excited when I saw you had blogged two posts this year! :) You Truly inspired me so much through your blog...I currently on the path of loosing weight and healing my heart from past wounds. Jesus is the best healer and truly can help us to have self-control...that even our greatest will-power can't compare to. He simply amazes me! :) I hope you are refreshed and filled with even more hope today! :) <3 Heather :)

  5. I'm so glad to have found you! I love your post here and can't wait to read more. I love inspirational people and I can tell that you are one!

  6. I have to admit that I liked who you were before as well as who you are now. I am not one who believes that a person is their body as much as their spirit, and your soul has been beautiful all this time before and after! If this is what helps you see yourself as the beautiful person you are, then more power to you! Congrats on reaching your goals!