Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hitting the Excuse Button!

I'd like to introduce you to someone who has become very familiar to me during my weight loss journey. In fact, we've developed such a relationship that some days we've spent multiple times a day together. Unfortunately, I'm not all certain this little friend is someone everyone wants to have a relationship with, but none the less I'm sure some of you already do.

Meet my excuse button! He's pretty cute, huh? My friend Tammy introduced me to him early on in my journey and was very good at often times pointing out to me that I was pushing the button. (Should raise her hand, pretend like she was pushing a button and make a beeping sound) I can't tell you how many times I'd make up excuses for things and half the time I really didn't even know I was doing it. A lot of times I think it's what naturally came out of my mouth because whatever excuse I gave for whatever reason, was giving me that sense of security and comfort I was thinking I needed in the moment. The reality of it is that every time I hit that excuse button it moved me further away from where I know I wanted to be. I think we are all guilty of this type of behavior in our own way. Especially if we are overweight and feeling insecure about ourselves and our appearance. It's almost as if it comes natural to those of us that fall into that category. Here is a list of the things I'm guilty of pushing the excuse button for:

- That won't fit me! 
- I can't run that far!
- He/she can do that because they are athletic!
- I don't have time!
- That won't look good on me!
- I could never wear that!
- You're just stronger than me!
- I can't climb that mountain!
- I'm too tired!
- I'm just big boned!
- I CAN'T!
- It's expensive to eat healthy!
- I'll start Monday!
- I've tried that!
- I'll never get there!
- I'm too sore!
- This is taking too long!
- It's too hot outside!
- And the list goes on......

Do you have an excuse button? Maybe you do and haven't even realized it? No worries in either case. Really one of the best things that has helped me overcome some of my struggles mentally on this journey is recognizing that this button exists and is very real. Is it a bad thing? Yes and no. I believe if you entertain the thoughts that the excuse button puts in your mind and don't realize it's a problem, you'll never really get to the root of why you're struggling in the first place. On the other hand, knowing that we all have a tendency to not want to try new things, hard things, or things that seem out of reach - It's nice to have someone there to help you recognize that you are pushing that button and only hurting yourself by slowing down your progress.The best part about all this is that I've been on both sides of fence on this one, and I can tell you it's so much better to have someone there to help you focus and realize you're making excuses when half the time you don't even know you're doing it. Whatever it may take, whether it's finding that friend, writing things down, or simply teaching yourself to not get intimate with the excuse button will only give you nothing but motivation, strength and the courage to get to your goal. 
Believe me, I've yet to master this one and still seem to struggle from time to time but the good news is, the excuse button and I are certainly not as good of friends as we used to be!

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  1. Your post is more than about eating, losing weight or exercising. I read into it the basic lack of motivation many experience in life, self limiting and defeatist attitude. Good post!

  2. This post hit it dead on for me. That button and I were VERY good friends last week. It was a bad one for me. But as I did my weekly weigh in and blogged last night, I choose not to use those excuses anymore and just own up to it and make the next week better. Loved this one, thank you.

  3. I think my finger has been on this button way too long. Great post thanks so much!

  4. Wow. Talk about hitting the nail's head.
    I've had the biggest button, and I used to hit it allllll the time. It takes practice to stop yourself just as you're about to hit it, and I'm definitely getting better at it!

  5. And it shows!!! You look beautiful and strong and healthy! I want to be like you when I grow It's so funny to read your blog at times because I've learned these very same things. I'm trying hard to overcome my intimacy with the excuse button, but boy is it hard! Uh oh...that's another excuse. Lord, help me!

    Be blessed!

  6. Very true!
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. (Hand up)... Yes I have one. I wish it was broken, but it works! All too often it works. But I'm looking for a new button now!! You write great posts!

  8. I had to include this in my Friday Finds this week too, it was too good not to!

  9. SO TRUE!!!
    I think my biggest excuse is justifying eating more junk food after already having some. I will definitely think of this for next time!

  10. This made me laugh so hard :) Exactly what I needed because these are all things I've said before. Especially the "I'm just big boned" Comment. Hilarious!! :)

  11. I needed to read this today! Thank you!