Saturday, April 28, 2012

Runners Update:

I'm not usually a Saturday "poster" when it comes to my blog but running has been heavy on mind these days. I'm officially closing in on the end of week 4 of my training schedule for my second half marathon and wish I had all sorts of GREAT things to give you a report about. I guess you could say maybe I'm slightly disappointed and discouraged, but trying to focus on the positive at the same time. Is that possible? As I explained in an earlier post (Click Here) my feet are still somewhat  recovering from bi-lateral foot surgery that took place the end of last summer. I've been treating them like babies and anticipating this training for months now. How awesome it would be to run without pain in my feet? How awesome it would be to not have my feet ache for days after a run? How awesome it would be to just run and not be weary. These are a few of the things I've been looking forward too, unfortunately  I haven't been able to enjoy them just yet. (Like how I said just yet?) Part of the problem with having your feet operated on like I did is that fact that several bones were broken and then put back together, along with several of the nerves in each foot being severed  and so it's requiring adjusting to their new surroundings. (I don't think they're happy yet.) After nearly nine months since surgery,  what does this look like for me and my feet? Well a lot of charlie horses in between my toes, a feeling of being "zapped" when a nerve decides to make itself known several times a day, and a dull constant ache by the end of the day that often resembles the feeling of carrying weights on my feet. Why in the world am I running then? Well, not only because I love too and love how it makes me feel when I'm done, but also because it's actually good for my feet and what they are trying to heal from. In talking to my Dr. this week about it, she explained that if done the right way, this training and running a half marathon again would be just what my feet are needing to get back to where they need to be. I just need to learn to be flexible. (yep, I said it, I need to learn....)
So far, I haven't missed a single run on my training schedule but I did have to cut a 6 mile run last Saturday down to a 4 mile run and then a 4 mile run I had scheduled this week, I ended up walking some. (Shall I mention, I never walk on my runs!) So, needles to say, that part is a bit discouraging for me. I'm going to try slow things down a bit and not be so adamant about following my  training schedule to a "T". (Eek! I can't believe I just said that!) I'm a total rule follower when it comes to this type of  stuff - allowing my feet to be the one to do the talking and not my mind, will be a challenge in itself. Have you ever wanted to do something you felt like you could do, but realized you needed to take a detour or a longer route to get there than you had anticipated? Have you ever then sat back and watched people do something you love to do, but you were only able to do it just enough to make your mouth water for more? Yep, these are the kinds of feelings I'm experiencing and the relationship I'm in the midst of with with my feet at the moment. I'm not mad at my feet, just discouraged. I think I'm more so just wanting to make sure that they WILL be back! That they'll really be OK. That they WILL work normal again. In the meantime I will continue to carve away at my schedule, have more faith,  be ever so grateful to have two feet that can run and celebrate every run along the way - weather it be big or small. So here it is, Saturday morning and I'm off to see how far my feet will allow me to go. (I'm hoping between 5 and 6 miles.) I'm committed to doing my best and trusting God will do the rest! 

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  1. You are such an inspiration! I broke my foot several months ago and it is still now healed completely. I can't imagine the pain and inconvenience that you are suffering. Continue to trust in God!

    First Grade Delight

  2. Things like this are SO frustrating - you have EVERYTHING you need - will, motivation, inspiration, but your body's not cooperating. I get it. I've had several health issues that have held me back from training the way I want, and I'm not a patient person. The latest one was having a double mastectomy for breast cancer last September. I was restricted from doing ANTYHING for months and while at the beginning, I felt like junk, as I recovered I was literally sitting on my hands. My PT kept saying "you will get there again" and while I trusted her, part of me wondered if I'd EVER be back to "normal." Well, 7 mos. later, not only am I back, but I'm better than ever. I learned lessons about my body and my mind throughout this process that'll help carry me further in the future - not easy, but worthwhile. You'll get back, too - it's especially awesome that running is good for your recovery . . . it's a matter of taking time, keeping your faith . . . one foot in front of the other . . . pace yourself. . . soon you'll be flying!!

  3. "I'm committed to doing my best and trusting God will do the rest!"

    That's all you can do Paige! You've got the right attitude and I'm believing with you that your feet WILL be able to do all the things you want them to. I've never had to go through what you have, but earlier this year I started having recurring blisters on the balls of BOTH my feet. It was agony. Every time I tried to go for a walk, I'd have to stop. Thankfully, I ended up going to my chiropractor because my lower back and neck were bothering me. After talking with him, we figured out that my blister problems were directly related to my spine being out of allignment! Who knew? He adjusted my back and neck, and guess what? NO MORE BLISTERS!!!

    Hang in there. This will get better. The Lord is good and He WILL BLESS YOUR EFFORTS!!!

  4. I also run 1/2 marathons and once I started to listen to my body instead of a sheet of paper...I started run farther, faster and ENJOYING running again.

  5. Katie over at Runs for Cookies is training for a marathon right now and she has recently started doing a 9/1 run/walk ratio. She runs for 9/10 of a mile and then walks for 1/10. She says that it hasn't affected her pace and it gives her knee the break that it needs to get through those long runs. Personally I'm not a runner, but a stepper because of achy knees. Good luck in your training and I hope your feet return to a more normal state soon.