Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Instant Results?

I'm sure I've talked about this in some way or another at some point on my blog, but it seems like I've been bombarded with questions recently about people wanting to see results in their body. Like NOW! Like yesterday! It's almost like there is an urgency or something to have things all of the sudden be different over night. It makes my heart hurt to read some of the emails I've gotten but not just because of the things that are being shared, but because I at one time felt that way too.

There are a couple of ways I like to look at it.  I'm the first to admit, it's not necessarily the way we maybe want it to be, but I promise if you can try to catch the vision of what I'm about to say, the way you look at losing weight and or changing your lifestyle will become more natural. Something you're more apt to stick with and make a lifestyle of than a temporary fix.

First we need to remember that we didn't become unhealthy or overweight overnight. It took time. It was gradual. One pound at a time, and before we knew it we were buying bigger clothes and/or feeling out of shape. The cycle kept going until things got out of control and now we are in panic mode and want a quick fix.  If we don't see changes sooner than later we give up and think our bodies are now too old, not meant to lose weight, and whatever other excuse button we can find to push. (Trust me, I'm SO guilty of the excuse button. Even now I get caught hitting it here and there.) Am I right? Anybody have those feelings? Almost like we talk ourselves out of why our bodies are not performing the way we want them to?

I truly believe that this whole weight-loss thing was not meant to be understood quickly. Think of it like a bank account. The more deposits you make into educating yourself, eating healthy, and changing your life, the more interest you will gain and more likely you will be to keep  the weight off. It will have become a way of life for you and not just a phase or something to do for a time period in order to get the weight off and then go back to your old habits. I know for me, this was huge. Every day was an investment into my future. If you're saving for a trip or a new car, you have to work at it right?  Using a credit card would be a quick fix and you wouldn't have learned anything. Weight loss is the same way. No quick fix will work. It will come back to haunt you just as debt does. Take the time and do it the right way. I promise you will come out a better person, and in so doing I bet you'll inspire others.

God didn't create us to "get it" over night. To change in a snap, to go from one extreme to the other in a matter of moments or days. Could you imagine? Going from birth to grey hair in a matter of days or weeks? It would seem odd wouldn't it?  Our bodies are the same way. Be patient. They need to be treated with care and value and respect. Not only that, but God created our bodies to learn and grow. To experience difficulty so we can come out stronger. To take time to get to know our bodies and what they are capable of and in so doing learn and grow closer to Him. What a gift.  It all just takes time. 

Hang in there! It will happen. Some days are frustrating, believe me I know. (I still have those days) The good news is you're far better off than you were before you decided to make some changes right? Even if you're stuck at a plateau and nothing is working, keep plugging along. One day at time. One step in front of the other. In the meantime, celebrate every little victory! 

Might I recommend you go back and read the post I did last spring about about comparing weight-loss to ground beef? (Click here) It's one of my all-time favorites and still seems to bring peace to my heart when I know at times I struggled with seeing success along the way.

Yep, that's really me on the left. Celebrating one of those victories! 
(My best friend Tam and I on a detour trip to the Oregon Coast after running our 2nd half marathon in Seattle in June!)

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  1. I get frustrated sometimes too because my lifestyle change has lead me to only lose a pound a week..and sometimes I realize I could be on crash diet losing weight 3times as fast!
    Thanks for sharing this today!

  2. A great reminder! And I liked the ground beef reminder too. :)

  3. Loved this post! I literally had this conversation with myself on my morning walk today. Thank you for the reminder and your take on it. Your posts are so inspiring and so real. I always find a little nugget of wisdom in them. Thanks for sharing! (And I appreciated the link to the ground beef post ... forgot about that one, and what a great idea!)

  4. Patience is a virtue ... but boy it's hard to acquire :)
    My Running Shortz

  5. Love this! I have tried to look at it like this "Each day is going to go by, and turns into weeks, months, years, regardless of how we are living (healthy or not) How we spend that day is up to us, the time is going to pass fast or slow. Do we want to look back and say "I became healthy" or "I wish I had started sooner" I choose to get healthy" and the big thing people have to know is that you don't stop just because you are at a healthy weight (or you soon won't be) it is an every day thing!! I have lost over 82lbs on WW and healthy living since March 2012. I have had people criticize me because I lost it so quickly. I figured out (by keeping a food diary) which foods help me burn calories and which foods add the pounds. BTW, Paige, when you have time I wish you would post more of your favorite lunches. I am SO hooked on the PB and sandwich thin with an apple. It is my favorite lunch now! Thanks!