Friday, October 5, 2012

Support Team Member # 5 - The Blakester!

It doesn't take much for this little guy to put a smile on my face. Since the moment I held him for the first time 12 years ago, I was in love. He melts my heart like no other. I'm not just saying this because he's my child, but he really is truly such a GREAT kid with a great personality. Very sweet, very caring, always willing to help others and has a deep love for God and the things that are important. I wish everyone could experience having a Blake in their midst, but we're pretty selfish around here and don't do much sharing. 

How blessed I am to have had him on my team of cheerleaders as I fought the fight to get the weight off my body. He was exceptional at telling me how good I was doing, how much my body was changing, and how lucky he was to be my son. (Occasionally I'd even find a love note of encouragement.) God sure new I needed a Blake in my life. I will forever be blessed by his presence. The best part is, he'll forever be mine. Love you Blake.

I love my mom and I am so proud of her accomplishments and all the things that she does for me. With her example she has truly changed our lives.  I love her very much. Also I would like to congratulate her for her truly incredible story. It takes a lot of courage, bravery, and faith to do what she did. Not every day was easy but she kept going.

I want to thank my mom for the many things she has taught me to love.  For example, running. Not only did I used to not do it as much, but I also have bad asthma. Once she lost her weight and began running, she inspired me to do cross-country, and she helped me learn to love running. We’ve gone on a couple runs together, hikes, and even on special occasions- one of my favorites - mountain biking. Well, she only did that once and it wasn’t so fun for her but she was a trooper! Shall I mention she crashed? But she was inspiring because she got back on the bike and finished the course blood and all. Needless to say she has not gone back since. I love that my mom is a true supporter in everything I do and she’s always willing to try new things now that she is skinny. I love her very much for that. She is always there for you and will always be your friend. I love having my mom as a friend.
My mom really is wonderful. She is always so nice and willing to teach and help everyone around her. People are always talking to her about how to eat healthy. I love that she has taught so much to our family just by her example and now we love to be healthy too. 
Now, even though I love her so much, there is a downside to having a healthy mom. Yep, you guessed it, not enough tasty and unhealthy snacks in the pantry. This can be devastating for a growing kid like me, but that’s okay. I can look forward to Grandma’s house for the good stuff! She’s always got it stocked! 
I love you mom! Thank you for your testimony that anybody can do hard things!



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  1. You all are truly blessed to have such a loving family and support each other though your journey!
    Keep on blogging.......what in inspiration for us all.
    Thank YOU

  2. What a great boy, you have taught him well!

  3. Wonderful posts from your family and friends, I have enjoyed reading them all. Keep blogging Paige you are inspirational :)

  4. This is so precious!! I have 2 sons of my own and I can only hope to be such an inspiration to them, as you have been to Blake. What a nice young man. Good job momma! =)

  5. I love seeing the different viewpoints your family has shared in these posts.

    What a great young man. I think my 12-year-old son would also agree about not enough junk in the house if I went stricter than I do. :)