Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Remember My Post Last Week? Here's What I've Been Working On......

Remember how last week I mentioned just picking ONE thing to work on? Well, I picked mine and am ready to share. I actually had several little areas I was considering picking but decided to stick with just one - water.
I've always loved water and drinking it has never really been a problem for me. In fact, often times during my weight-loss I had wondered if I was drinking too much water. (Did you know that too much water can be bad for you?)  It seemed that since I started my new job this fall I struggle with getting my water in during the day. Really there is not a good excuse for not doing it. Especially considering we have a water guy that comes every two weeks and gives us the good, fresh stuff. Part of it I think has just been that I am far more busy in the moment than I was before, and it's not always easy to get away from my desk.  Whereas before, the water jug sat within an arm's reach distance from me.  Now, kids are constantly in and out of the office and phones are ringing. It's not long before time has slipped away from me and I realize I haven't had much water, if any. (Some days my cup hasn't been filled until lunch.) Oh, and since it's so cold these days (16 degrees at the moment) and the front door gets opened and closed all day long, the last thing I want to do is add something else cold to the mix.
Okay, enough of the excuse button. This last week I wanted to focus on water. It was a struggle the first day but before I knew it, it was easy. It was as if my body was happy with me again. (Don't get me wrong.  It wasn't that I had cut water out completely.  It was just that my body was at one time used to so much more.) I knew it was a good sign when I was visiting the bathroom several times an hour, not to mention that my urine was again very clear instead of having a yellow tinge. Now onto this week.  Things have been fine. Water intake is going well. I guess that means it's time to add in one of those other little areas I could work on, add it my water intake, and continue to move forward.
So in moment when it's just too cold for water, MIO comes to the rescue. This is one of my very favorite things to add to my water from time to time, but recently I discovered adding it to hot water is just as good if not better! It's like a yummy flavored tea. 
How do you get your water?

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  1. One of the first lessons I learnt that drinking water was very very important at least 3 liters per day! I get my water plain :)

  2. I force myself to drink. I try to do most of it about 30 minutes before I exercise and then the rest while I'm working out. Sometimes, I really have to force it down, but we don't have MIO in the house...or Crystal Light or anything like that. It's just straight water. Gets old and boring most of the time to me. :(

  3. I just started back to drinking more. I used to be a drinking machine but then digressed. I'm back on the wagon and I drink it plain or add some of the mio stuff. Sometimes it's hard but I have my bottle that I aim to drink 3 of.

  4. I hear you. In the winter I had a hard time getting water in b/c I wanted something warm. I now like to drink plain hot water. It took my desire to have something warm and give my kidneys a break from tea to help me adjust to the taste. Sometimes I add lemon, but most times just plain hot water.

  5. I have to force myself to drink enough water! I would MUCH prefer Diet Coke...OR..a glass of wine! Seriously, I just gave up Diet Coke the end of December, going from around 12 cans a day to 0 in 3 days! I thought it would be easier to get the water in now, but I STILL struggle! Unlike you, I really don't like water!

  6. I have a 32-oz bottle I drink from. I drink room temp water, but in these colder months I find myself drinking more coffee. Water is something I've really had to get back on track with lately as wel. it's coming back..I find whim running that I can tell if I haven't had the water, so that has become a motivator.

  7. What's MIO? Never heard of that. Maybe it's an American only product?
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  8. I'm a water girl, but mine has to have ice in it. No matter what the weather, I can't drink it if there's no ice in it. I think it's all in my mind. The ice makes it "refreshing" so it has to be good for me! haha! I have my special 24 oz. cup that I carry with me at work and home. Sometimes I put Mio in it, a little flavor is good sometimes. I gave up all caffeine 3 years ago and my body thanks me for it!

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