Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wanting a New Body Means a New Brain!

I think often times we are all caught in the trap of wanting our bodies to be or look a certain way. We either see someone and we think, " I would love to be that small" or we think just the opposite, "I will never be someone like that so why bother even trying." Anyone ever feel like this or caught themselves saying this to the person in the mirror? I know I have. There was a point when I was at my heaviest (278 pounds) that I actually would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable around active, fit people. It was as if I was almost from a different country or didn't belong. I know that was not the case. It was just how I felt.

I have learned while being on my own weight loss journey that I can eat as healthy as I want, I can exercise and even lose large amounts of weight, but until I learned how to train my brain just like I had to train my body, I was not successful. The body and the brain MUST be yolked together on this journey or you will end up failing. Just like in a marriage, if you are not yolked together it is inevitable that down the road things will not work out because you see and do things so opposite. Your body and mind are no different. If your body is working hard to eat right and exercise yet your mind is filling your brain with doubt, frustration, or even compromising the things you are the end you will fail. I almost hate to use that word "fail" as I find it very powerful and very sensitive for some, but the reality is, when it comes to this kind of lifestyle change, there is no middle of the road. It's pass or fail.

Start telling yourself you can do this. Don't look at the big picture and what you need to accomplish in the end but tell yourself daily the small things your mind needs to hear to get you through the day. 
- I can look good in the clothes I wear today.
- I can drink all the water I need to get in today.
- I can eat what I have planned on my menu for the day.
- I can be good at this.
- I'm a winner.
- I'm a fighter.
- I'm determined.

Just remember, in the end it's your job to show your body and mind who is boss. Don't let your body win the battle. If you do, the weight will just come back. Remember your body is a shell, and the thing that matters most and will carry you to the end is your mind. Take care of your mind so it can take care of you. 

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  1. SO true about taking it a little at a time and telling ourselves good things, fixing the brain. I remember being fed up in 2004 when I had 52 pounds to loose. I love the quote "you can do hard things" I would tell myself that when I had a cravings or it was time to workout. Once I got over the initial hurtles "lengthen your stride" helped me push myself further. Now that I am 32 weeks pregnant and creeping back up in weight the memory of what I accomplished is helping me. I gotta focus on the good thoughts!Fabulous post!

  2. Thanks for this :) I had gastric bypass 2 years ago and I say they worked on my body NOT my brain. Re-training your brain is the hard part and I battle it everyday. I have kept of the 110 lb loss but you start to get comfy at 2 years out ya know? I like how you wrote about what I can do today. What I CAN control.

  3. I so needed to read this today, Paige. Thank you.

    Maybe I'll type up the good things to tell myself to the bathroom mirror and make myself think them while brushing my teeth until I truly believe it.

    I'm deciding to buckle down and finish up my journey and I'm dreading it, mainly because I've always thought, "I'm not like those healthy eating people.." :/

    Thank you for coming back to blogging! Your knowledge and attitude are inspiring!! :)

  4. I am so working on this right now. I have 15-30 pounds left to lose after losing well over 100 pounds and yet it still feels like every pound is a struggle. I hope to get to my goal weight one day. You are a huge inspiration for me! Thank you!

  5. I stumbled on your blog while browsing something and boy! Am I glad! I am trying to lose almost 70 lbs post pregnancy weight. What you have written today is what the doctor ordered :) Its a wonderful post :) Thanks :)

  6. Believing in yourself is one part of your journey but it doesn't stop there. You help everyone around you because you become a role model for everyone else! You're doing you but you are also contributing to the world in your life and with this blog. Congrats on your weight loss. Keep blogging. We are inspired!