Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Now is the Time

I've been wanting to blog about this topic for well over a month now but I wasn't sure how or what I would say. I still am not sure exactly what I'm trying to voice but I'm wanting to give it a shot. This has no intention of offending anyone or your personal situation.  These are just my thoughts. Like I've said numerous times before, I blog mainly for myself and to hold myself accountable but if my entries bless others along the way, that makes me just as happy.

I had been out of the gym for a brief time while dealing with our move.  When I started back to getting serious about my fitness schedule again, I learned that a dear friend of our family (young mother of 2) was diagnosed with Leukemia and immediately put in the hospital in isolation for a month while they started rigorous chemo and various cancer treatments. Her life was taken over in that very moment, on that Sunday morning, by doctors and nurses and people who knew what she needed in order to fight the rough road ahead. She had no choice. She had to step away from everything normal, including living at home with her husband and young boys, being a mom, and everything that her fairytale consisted of up until now . She had to take a step forward in faith, praying for a miracle. My heart ached. I cried.  But she went forward with such courage and an amazing outlook which really touched me in a special way. 

I got to thinking about health and how many of us struggle with either weightloss, body imagine, getting healthy, or whatever it may be. For some it can be very debilitating, scary, and I'm sure causes great amounts of stress and even depression for some. But then I am reminded that even as scary as the road may look, and at different times on our journeys we're not quite sure we have it in us to move forward or how we're going to get there, we have not been the one diagnosed with an illness such as Leukemia and had our lives temporarily taken away and at the will of doctors and hospitals. It motivates me. Doesn't it motivate you? 

If you have the power to get healthy and be healthy, why wouldn't you? For the past 4 years I have been a huge advocate in helping myself take on a new lifestyle, but just the thought of knowing so many people out there like my dear friend who struggle with illness, some even terminal, and the fact that they don't have that choice at the moment to get healthy and fit in the same way that you and I are aiming for, makes me want to shake the world and tell everyone to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have in the moment because you never know what curve ball may be thrown your way. Bottom line is this...If you're in a spot where you feel like you've been wanting to change. CHANGE. If you feel like you've been at a stand still and the weight isn't budging, MOVE FORWARD. If you feel like you can't do it alone. GET HELP. 

There are so many times where we get caught up in somewhat of a pity party, myself included. "I can't seem to lose the weight. I've tried everything. My body was made this way. I'll start tomorrow. I have no motivation. I'm not disciplined enough. And the list goes on.....but really I'm learning we really need to ask ourselves: How can we get there? What tools do we need to be successful? Who can we help along the way? And most of all, be grateful for healthy bodies, even if they need some work and fine tuning. 

I just want to close by letting you know that my dear friend that I was telling you about is actually a certified trainer. She believes in healthy. She believes in taking care of YOU. If she could, she would be on a hike today exploring some new adventure and taking in all that God has created on top of a mountain somewhere.  If you're not ready to commit to yourself, commit to someone else. Someone who is going through a trial and has temporarily been restricted from the kinds of things you and I get to do.  Do it in their honor. Serve them in a way that will not only make a difference in your life but will bless them too.  I know it would make my friend's heart happy to have anyone out there that is struggling at this moment with either body image, weight loss, exercise, or changing their life around for the better, to just do it! Step out of the box. Have faith. Whether it's for the first time or whether you're needing to get recommitted.  Life is too fragile to wait for the perfect moment or a better time. Now is the time. 

Thank you Elena for blessing me so and giving me new perspective on life. You have made me a better me in the last 6 weeks. Thank you. It won't be long and we will take the guys and hike to a mountaintop together again. You're a fighter and your faith on this journey so far is nothing but inspiring. Bless you. 

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  1. Thank you for your post. That really hits home as I have a friend with two little girls with non-curable cancer that works so hard to be healthy to give her the best way to fight the cancer. She's an inspirations. It does really make you think about the chances we are given.

  2. Well said! We have no excuses but we then again we do. I wish your friend God's grace and I truly believe He provides Grace as it is needed, like manna, sufficient for each day. You have challenged us to lay aside our excuses and take action in our lives. I think your friend will be proud of you.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this perspective-- it really gives insight into the power we have to change.