Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clothes in Stages

One of the things that happens when we lose weight is that we will inevitably need to buy new clothes. As exciting as this may be, there is also danger in the process. Here are a few things I might caution you from my experience.

The first one for me was something I really struggled with - shopping in the wrong section or trying on clothes that don't fit.  Now this is not to say that I was weaseling my way into the teenage section and trying to fit into clothes that just didn't look good on me. Actually it's just the opposite. Every time I went into a store to look at clothes I was drawn to the "plus size" section and or clothes that were way too big on my shrinking body. Why would I do this? I was excited that my body was changing and getting smaller. Wouldn't I want smaller clothes? Of course, my brain just didn't have a picture of smaller Paige yet and out of habit would gravitate to the bigger clothes. With that comes the "fat style" shirt, I like to call it. Basically one style fits all. Just big and baggy and will cover the rolls. That's all I knew. In fact I always looked for cute colors and maybe a unique pattern to go along with it, but as far as any style to the shirt, well when you're obese that doesn't exist. Your body unfortunately becomes the style.

Really the only way for me to get through this one was to take my best friend along. Even then, for a while this was a struggle. Probably because she is a size 0 and looks good in anything she puts on. I was nervous. I can't shop in sections where there is style and curves and tapering. In fact when you've been obese for so long you have a warped sense of what clothes look like and how something may look on yourself. I can't tell you how many times my friend would hold something up or bring something into the dressing room and I'd think "There is no way I can wear that!" Then I try it on and it not only fits, but it looks cute! Having someone there as your coach/guide is a huge thing, especially when you're tapping into clothing you've never had the chance to experience. 

         (This was one of those dressing room moments.)

The other thing I might caution you about is not letting your brain get stuck on a certain size while the weight is coming off. I fell into this habit and I often times had my friend telling me as we were thumbing through racks at the store. "You're not a 10 anymore, you're an 8! Or You're not a large top, you're a medium!" This continued for most size phases I went through and it's just how our fat brain works, so having that special person/friend to take with you is extra important. Why? Because sure the clothes you pick will fit - you're picking things that are too big!  Even if they are only a little too big you shouldn't buy them. You want only ones that fit your true size. This can be a hard one. Even now, I find myself rummaging through 8's when I go to a store and I'm a 6!! It's goofy and silly in some ways. I know a lot of people who'd die to be a 6! It all goes back to training our brain and owning what we've accomplished.

The last thing I wanted to mention about clothing is related to the stages of weight loss. I found it very helpful to just get the basics when I graduated to a smaller size. Couple pair of pants, few tops, and whatever else you need to get through the next 15 pounds. I find that this is particularly important if you have a lot of weight to lose like I did. It's exciting to buy clothes in a smaller size but you don't want to get too many and get attached to their cuteness, get comfortable with them, and settle for anything less than you have your mind and heart set on achieving. In other words you don't want to settle for just a partial weight loss. You want to go all the way to your goal.  In fact, I didn't get the most adorable, cutest clothes until I hit my goal and went on a shopping spree. In the meantime, it was basics and plains, just to get me by.

Shopping can be fun and should be, especially when you're changing your life around. Have fun with it. Take that friend with you. Only buy what you need. Shop in the right department. Get the right size and celebrate what you are becoming!  


Same week, same weight, clothes that are too big, and clothes that fit! 

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  1. You look so fantastic! I have followed your blog for awhile, but I don't usually comment. but I do have a question for you...
    Do you (or did you) count calories or just move towards healthier options? I am just curious food wise how you did it. I know you said in the past it's 80% nutrition which i totally agree with, but I am curious what you did.

  2. I was just going to sit down and blog about my shopping experience yesterday! You hit the nail on the head. I kept trying on clothes that fit, but where not cute. I ended up buying only one t-shirt a size small!! I have never! worn a small. I was so shocked I bought it. All the rest went back on the rack. We just got back from vacation and all my pictures are in clothes that fit, but are loss fitting. Seeing the pictures makes me feel fat. I don't want to feel fat anymore. Next time I go shopping I am bringing someone with me to help find those cute cloths.

  3. You look great in those clothes and you must feel great. I went through the same thing when I went clothes shopping after losing most of my weight. I kept asking for larger sizes and I remember one saleslady telling me that it would be way too big for me. I thought I was going to kiss her. My mind still goes to the bigger clothes. It really does take a long time for the mind to catch up with the weight loss.

  4. Looking smart Paige!

  5. This was a fun post! Thanks for the tips.

  6. I buy clothes that are too big for me. I go to Value Village (second hand) right now, but still tend to get stuff that's too big when I get home. I can't get my head around the smaller size I have become. Can't wait to reach my goal so I can just buy the size I know I am and will stay:)

  7. I am having SO much fun shopping for new clothes! I just bought my first pair of shorts in 8 years!!!! I have noticed that it is easy to get "swayed" by sizes. I was trying to figure out my new size, 12's were all too big so I grabbed some 10's and they were perfect, I felt tiny and so proud! I grabbed up a different pair of shorts and tried them on only to find that I could barely get them over my hips:( figured I had grabbed an 8..nope, size 12!! I instantly felt fat and sloppy!? Why oh why do we do this to ourselves??