Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's the Small and Simple Things....

This week I'm in Branson Missouri with my daughter's dance team as they are clogging here for the week. We left out of Boise early Monday morning. It definitely adds a new dimension to things when traveling with 17 people, a five hour layover, and a four hour car drive to finally make it to our destination safely.

It wasn't all that long ago that when boarding a plane to travel, I would have to squeeze into the airplane seat in hopes that the seatbelt would fit around my bulging stomach without having to ask for a seatbelt extension. It was something that made me very nervous and uncomfortable because at one point I had to ask for one of these contraptions. Good news! When I boarded the plane Monday morning, I was in the middle seat (another spot that used to scare me as I was always afraid of overflowing into someone else's personal space). I sat down, reached around me for my seatbelt, and was amazed at how much EXTRA there was. It was so cool! My friends of course thought it would be fun to measure just how much extra there was!

 See, it's the small and simple things that I continue to notice on a daily basis in my life that make me so grateful and blessed to see who I've become. It's a good feeling. A peaceful feeling. 

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  1. I had a similar moment today at the movie theater. I took my little guy to see Madagascar 3 and it's been a while since I was at the theater. I felt so small in the seat. I'm used to spilling over on both sides, but I felt tiny and so far away from my son. Strange feeling, but I know exactly where you're coming from:) Enjoy your time in Branson!

  2. Sweet! It IS about the small things!! I will never forget the feeling the first time that I picked up my purse and put the strap onto my shoulder...I was stunned by the feeling of "less shoulder" I can't explain it well but there was an emptiness between the strap and my shoulder!! I put my purse on and off several times just to feel it!! I even told my husband about it! Enjoy your time with your daughter and friends!

  3. Flying has always been such a humiliating experience for me! Not would I have to ask for a seat belt extender every time, but I would sit with my arms crossed the ENTIRE flight so not to crowd (even more) the person next to me! Flying was awful. End of story! I know that will be different the next time I fly and I'm so looking forward to it! Congratulations on the small things, Paige! I think those little reminders are sometimes little affirmations from God! :)

  4. It IS the little things. You're right! Take care :)
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  5. I'm still on my way, but I'm definitely looking forward to moments like those! It's so encouraging to read things like this. :)

    I've actually been following your blog for a couple months now, but I changed my own blog's URL a while back. If you'd like to follow my blog, the new URL is: