Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Serious is Your Weight Problem?

How many times have you been in a room and heard someone say, "I've tried so many diets or different ways to lose weight and my body just won't cooperate? I give up!" Or what about the person who says, "I'm just big boned and being heavy runs in my family." I bring this up because it's something I've heard on both accounts just this past week. 

I know I've blogged on this subject briefly before, but it's a topic that creeps in the minds of the overweight population often, and it really doesn't need to be there. I admit, there were times in the past that I know I felt this way, only to learn in the most recent years, it's just an excuse! A big fat excuse! I'm sorry in advance if that offends anyone, but it's something I've become passionate about. It's not a diet that is going to make you lose the weight. It's a lifestyle. You're not heavy because you're big boned or because larger framed people exist in your family. Those are just excuses. (Don't get me wrong. I've been guilty of trying to use them too.) How many people have you seen that have transformed their lives and are tiny now? Maybe not many but there are a few of us out there. If it was genetics or the fact that they truly were big boned/framed, they would have never made it to tiny. 
You see, obesity is a disease just like any other disease out there. In some ways it's even more serious because it goes undetected in many cases and isn't diagnosed or treated until it's too late and a loved one is lost because of being uneducated and making poor choices. Obesity is not just the outward appearance of a large looking, unhealthy person but also a person who has a number of other things going on, including elevated cholesterol, "hardening" of the arteries, enlargement of the heart, blood clots, diabetes, depression, and growth of cancerous cells which can lead to more serious health issues.  It's proof that obesity is not just on the outside shell of someone gaining weight.

I like to think of my body and my health just as any other serious illness out there. We need to. Your life is that important. If your child were diagnosed with cancer tomorrow and the doctor told you that you needed to do a series of treatments in order to save his/her life, you would do anything and everything in your power, including prayer to save that life, right? Well, our health when we are obese and unhealthy is just as serious and needs just as many treatments, dedication, and everything in our power, including prayer to save the life of the unhealthy, obese person.

I know when trying to lose weight that the road ahead can often look daunting and sometimes impossible. The good news is, just like any other serious health ailment, it can be overcome. If you've ever known of someone or experienced other serious health issues yourself, you know it's hard. It takes courage, (a lot of it) dedication, (daily) patience, (both with your mind and your body) a series of treatments, (healthy eating and exercise) and prayer (this was a big one for me). The way I look at any life threatening ailment, including obesity, is to remember that all things are possible with God on your side. It may not be easy, it may not be the answer you were hoping for, but in the end, a way will be provided and you will accomplish your dreams!

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  1. Great post Paige! As you said, obesity is a disease and should be treated as one. I wish I had recognized it before now - but am so thankful that I have been given the strength and courage to treat it as the killer it is!

    Thank you for your honesty and courage and sharing your story with others. You are an inspiration.

  2. Prayer!! I decided a few months ago that prayer just may be the answer to aiding me in my weight loss journey. Heaven knows that prayer has helped me this last year dealing with some really horrible things! It helps to know that prayer helped you in your journey. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Great Post! I linked you in my post today as well. Thank you for resetting my frame of reference. I think I may too easily give up the notion that this is a health issue and not something superficial. This is serious and action is required. You continue to inspire and motivate me. Thank you!

  4. Great Post Paige! I have to say that I can not imagine going through this journey without God! I may be the one running and making healthy food choices but I could not do ANY of this without God. I am so thankful that I have had to struggle with being overweight..because of the relationship that I have developed with Him! I have heard, read and said many excuses..the bottom line is that you have to move more and eat better! There are always going to be hard times and stress and excuses..if you want it bad enough..you have to just do it!

  5. You could not be MORE RIGHT. I have always used the excuse that I am "big boned" and for some reason, it made me feel like it was "ok" to be "heavier." Soon enough, I was topping the scale at my highest weight and didn't even "realize" how BIG I had gotten, and it wasn't from my bones! Thanks for the enlightening post.

  6. Love it! You did a stellar job getting your point across. I can definitely relate, because I've been there and used those exact excuses! And may I also say va va voom! Beautiful photo:)

  7. Thank you, you are very talented with words. My dad said something to me this weekend that made me think of all the excuses that I have used. Cause "Excuses are like soup. There are all kinds and types of packaging, but under it all, they're all soup." Thanks for your good post. I have been struggling to lose weight, and it gave me some perspective on things I am leaving out. :) Thank you!

  8. Great post Paige!! Your did an excellent job of pointing out the excuses that people often use, I know I used them for years before finally deciding I was going to get healthy. It was a long and hard journey, but it's so worth it in the end. I'm so grateful to God and my family for standing beside me, supporting me and helping me get where I needed to be. Thanks for a great blog.

    P.S. Love your picture--so pretty :)

  9. First comment on this blog, though I've been reading for a while!

    My excuse was never that I was big-boned, but that I have a thyroid disorder. Which I do. And it absolutely makes weight loss hard. I had a lot of resentment for years because my friends (and twin sister) could eat like "normal" and look fabulous and I couldn't. I refused to change my diet drastically, thinking that if exercise alone couldn't help me, I wasn't meant to be thin. After experiencing unrelated health problems and going on a few medical diets to try to help my symptoms, it clicked. Obesity is just another condition that I need to manage with my lifestyle. And if I need to keep a food journal and put some things off-limits, so be it!

  10. Love your post!!
    And your beautiful picture.

    My Running Shortz

  11. Great post! I often times use those excuses! Especially blaming a lot of my problems on my autoimmune disease and the fact that I have been on a steroid for the past 12 years. I have found that I need to begin praying about getting healthy, because without God in this with me I will get no where. I'm still struggling with finding the motivation to begin exercising, but I will, I have to!