Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Compliments or Complaints - Which do you hear?

When you change your eating and incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, your body is going to inevitably change. It has to. It wants to. There is no other way.  Isn't that great news?

One of the things that comes with such a process is compliments or comments (complaints even). These can either be good and keep you motivated and encouraged, or they can be bad, causing doubt, frustration, and adding a sense of poison to your progress. I tell you these things because I've had both situations presented to me. Not just when I was losing weight, but even recently, after having kept it off for a year and a half. Regardless, the comments come. How about the gal at work who recently thought she was being polite and noticed my choice of exercise over the summer had included running and hiking instead of lifting at the gym several times a week, so my arms are a bit flabby or not as toned. I explained I planned to get back to the gym this week and her comment was something like "Oh, I wondered if you were still going." (As she scoped out my body in the process.) Then how about the private email I received telling me there was NO WAY I could have lost 133 pounds without some sort of surgery, pill, or aide from some other source, and that I should not be blogging and leading people towards their goals when it can't be possible. They wanted to know the real way I'd lost the weight. And the email went on.....(And no, it was not very nice!) Yes, these things really happen. Crazy huh?

I know in the moment these things can be hard to digest. They certainly were for me. But then I think about where I was, how far I've come, how happy I am now, and that alone motivates me. It's easy then to pick myself back up, brush myself off, and keep going. Often times I go back and read positive comments left on my blog or find myself praying for the people who put a damper on my day. I also love how God has been a huge part of this journey. In both instances, within hours and then the days that followed such heart crushing comments, I had several responses or private email messages sent my way telling me good, positive, inspirational things about how my journey has affected them and their progression. (Mind you, they knew of nothing that had gone on.) It was as if God himself put his hand on me and encouraged me to keep going. It was as if he reminded me that this was between Him and I, and no one else. No one could stop me from being who I was and living the dream I've always wanted to live and had worked so hard to create.

Comments and compliments may not always be positive and feel like they pick you up and move you to the next level of progression, but sometimes the things that come from such words only make you stronger, more dedicated, and passionate about the dream that is planted in your heart.

Yep, half price slushies with my favorite little man yesterday.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I'm so worried that I have ruined my body forever with my weight gain.

  2. Ahhhh, you’re doing great! You’re looking great and have a great positive attitude. I feel sorry for those who try to undermine sabotage someone else’s hard work and progress due to their own lack of ability and strength. Hey! Barber to Boise Oct 6th. Nice run along the green belt to Bronco stadium. One more plug, join Meet Me Monday. Check it on Facebook. Thanks Paige!

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  4. Unbelievable and sad that people can be negative and critical. You've done something AMAZING and nobody can take that from you. You are awesome!!

  5. I have had the same problem with comments (and not positive all the time)from people. Yes, i put on a few pounds this summer, but I have come so far. I couldn't imagine saying anything bad to someone. You are doing great and look great. Try and focus on the positive comments and pay no attention to the negative (i know, easier said than done)

  6. Wow! I guess I should be shocked at people's behavior but sadly I'm not! I don't understand why some folks enjoy cutting others down to make themselves feel better. I love your blog! and I know that you are not perfect, but you sound so positive and hopeful for all of us. You are so kind and generous in sharing your tips, recipes and exercise advice. and I LOVE how you always give GOD the glory! I teach 4th and 5th graders Sunday School and we all agree that one of the harder things that God asks us to do is "Love your enemies" Kepp on fighting the good fight Paige!

  7. Oh this post speaks volumes to me! You have done an amazing job and I am thankful that you share your experiences. I don't know you and am so proud of the fact that you have been successful in your journey and I agree with Libby that I love how you give God the glory!

    For me, I get the most negative comments when they ask me my "secret" to losing weight. When I share that I had Gastric Bypass Surgery, I often see the wrinkled nose and disapproving look right before they say... "Oh." and they walk away. I actually had someone this past weekend (at church) even say..."Why on earth would you do that?!" Instead of trying to explain to them that the surgery is the tool that God gave *me* that's working, I just smile and said, "Because."

    Keep your chin up and know that you are an inspiration to many!!!

    1. Deedra, I can SO relate to that! I lost my weight doing Weight Watchers and walking, which turned into healthy eating and running. I have had quite a few ladies (mostly at church) ask me about my weight loss and so many of them say "Oh, well you lost it by running. It's because you run. If you stop running you will gain it back, blah blah" What about the healthy eating that I do?? and how active I try to be even when not running? My husband had gastric bypass (a long time ago) and kept his weight off. He had to work just as hard as anyone else and I am sure that you have too! Just ignore those people!

  8. For such a time as this, God has given you a voice and a place to speak about the amazing things that He's helped you do in your life. He knew all along that you would give hope to those who've been without. This is a blessed ministry given graciously by a God who is very pleased with you. Love you.

  9. I'm amazed someone would comment on your arms and your change in physical activity over the summer..and the email...wow. I think you've handled the situations great.

    You're an inspiration to me! :)

  10. Remember that the negative comment has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the person commenting. It's hard to imagine how much pain a person would have to be in to let that much crud come out at you. For that person, living with that kind of internal turmoil, it doesn't matter what the scale says they weigh, they will always feel heavy and uncomfortable.

    Obviously, the inner strength and good health you feel now are way more important than a few pounds up or down on the scale, and will continue to rub off on those around you! Way to be an example of a positive, healthy person. Especially for those who are a mess inside!