Friday, September 7, 2012

A Few Words From My Trainer!

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you might recall me talking about my support team early on. (Click here.) Well, for the next several weeks you'll get to hear from each one of them.
I've actually been wanting to do this for quite some time. I think it's important not only for you to hear from me in regards to how I've changed my life on this journey, but also for you to hear from the people who were in the trenches with me every step of the way. 

So with that in mind, here are a few thoughts from my trainer Jacob Wilson:

I originally met Paige through her friend Tammy Mcmorrow. Tammy had spoken to me a few times about her friend Paige and how she would like for her to meet with me. So after a few times of hearing about this "Elusive Paige" I told Tammy she had to get my info to Paige and or get me Paige's, no more talk. When I met Paige for the first time I could tell she was a bit nervous and truly did not know what to expect... or just really didn't want to be there. I began by asking Paige questions about her goals, what she wanted to do, why her goals were important to her, and when she wanted to achieve those goals... Paige answered, very reluctantly. Paige would answer my questions while looking away and in very broad terms, not really digging into what she really wanted from herself... YET! I knew what Paige was doing. I had seen this many times before, while meeting with other prospective clients. They would give me the window dressing answers that didn't really address their true goals and why they were there meeting with me in the first place. I decided to throw a wrench in little Mrs. Paiges' plans. I shut the door and made her close her eyes, asking her to describe to me what she saw as she imagined and pictured herself at her "True Goal." Paige described to me what she saw. It was a person she had learned to accept... I knew better! I knew just from meeting with Paige that she had what it would take for her to reach goals that even she didn't know were possible. Now it was my job to show her. I laid out a plan for Paige that day, she wasn't sure if I was full of hot air, but she trusted Tammy and I could see that she had a little spark that we would turn into a forest fire. But we weren't ready to get started just yet. Paige brought in the "Big Gun", her husband. I sat with both of them and discussed my plans for Paige over the next 6 or so months... he was an easy sale, as he only wanted to do best by Paige and he would be a great support all of the way.

Paige was a "Rock Star" from the beginning! I told Paige from day 1... "If you do exactly what I tell you to do you will be great", and that is exactly what Paige did. Rarely in my profession do I get to work with someone that is so dedicated and so focused. It is that kind of focus and determination that made Paige an absolute ROCK STAR!!! As we got into the meat of our training I knew Paige would go farther than she ever thought she could. I made a point to never let Paige doubt herself, whether it was her concern about a food plan, food choices, or what type of cardio and how much she should be doing... or the dreaded thought of ever being able to run! I always chuckled as Paige would try to tell me "I can't run. I will never be a runner"... as I sent her running to the STOP SIGN time and time again. As Paige began to get stronger physically she began to get stronger mentally and emotionally. No more questions or doubt about our plan just anticipation of what was next, where would I challenge her next. Now the hardest part of Paige's journey would begin... she had begun to conquer the physical challenges, but how would she conquer the emotional and mental challenges of not being "Fat Paige". The food didn't bother Paige anymore.  The cardio and resistance training didn't bother her either... the way Paige saw herself in this world did. Now co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and more importantly her family were all noticing these amazing changes but Paige wasn't ready. I always asked Paige if anyone had mentioned anything about the changes she was making and Paige would say "Yes, but I don't see it." Even though Paige was losing tons of fat, dropping inches, and putting on muscle, she wasn't seeing what the rest of us did... because she never dreamed this would ever come true. My plans changed as Paige did. My focus was primarily on getting Paige to "Enjoy The Journey". I needed Paige to get there mentally before her body would. This is always the most important part of training... the mental change. The key for me to help Paige was to never let her again doubt herself, anything is possible and anything is attainable. It didn't take long and Paige began to speak about her change in a completely different way. The excitement was there! New SMALLER clothes always help and so does throwing out the old FAT clothes. Now Paige would talk to me about the possibilities rather than the limitations... instead of telling me "I can't do that" she would say "Alright, I will try". When your brain changes your language changes with it and so does the rest of your life. Now when I see Paige she talks to me about running half marathons, climbing mountains, and being an inspiration to other people. I can tell you the Paige I first met had none of this in mind. I believe Paige's greatest accomplishment through all of this has been her ability to always be a great wife, mom, and friend. While Paige's appearance, mentality, and emotions have changed she has never lost focus of what is the most important to her... HER FAMILY! It's been a pure joy working with Paige!  - Jacob Wilson      

Summer 2012
It wasn't long ago that I met with my trainer after quite some time. It was so refreshing to spend an hour with Jacob. It was reassuring to know that after more than a year of keeping the weight off and maintaing my goals, that my body fat percentage and my weight really hadn't changed much. It was a testimony that eating right and exercising is really all it takes to do this and to make it stay that way forever! If I can do it, anyone can do it! Thank you Jacob for being a HUGE part of birthing a dream I never thought could or would come true. Only now I'm living it every day. You're the best!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Paige. I had to take down all the fat family and honey pictures of me to really see the skinny me. I could relate to that fat one and now I needed to see and relate to the skinny one. I love the inspiration your trainer gave you and I love that you share your journey with all of us. It is so inspiring and I know because you have done it and kept it off that I can too!!! Thank you!!!

  2. So proud of you and all your accomplishments! That was neat to hear Jacobs side of training you

  3. Does Jacob have a website?! If he doesn't, he needs to! What an inspiring story! I need a Jacob here in Houston! Any recommendations from either of you?