Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drink Up!

Guess who drank 12 BIG glasses of water today at work? Yep, I know crazy huh? For me this is a big deal because lately it seems to be a struggle to get the water down, as things keep me so busy at work during the day I forget about my water. 

It hasn't always been like that, but since starting my new job last month it's been a little tricky. So tricky that the bestie even has given me colored cubes for my desk to help me keep track of how many glasses I've drank and how many I have to go on a daily basis. (Love her!)  The goal is for 7 BIG ones a day. When I reach I think 15 days worth, we get to go for sushi! I've been at it for well over a week and only have a few cubes so I have a ways to go but hey, I'm on my way!
Only problem with drinking that much water is that it certainly increases the time I spend in the bathroom. Wow! I felt like half my day was spent in there. Not to mention I have a job where I answer the phones all day long so it made for a bit of an interesting day for me and my head set. 

Yes, I guess there is something about drinking too much water. But in my case, I'm used to drinking lots. My body needs it, wants it, and actually prefers it over any other beverage. Sometimes I add a bit of MIO (click here) but 9 times out of ten I like it plain. Why am I telling you all of this? I'm not really sure other than I can certainly see it makes my body happy when I drink all this water. Maybe it will also motivate me to keep drinking, if I know all of you know it's been a struggle for me lately. More days like today, and my body will be a happy camper!

Happy drinking!

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  1. You're so pretty :)
    Just curious (this may sound stupid) when you lost weight did you lose weight in your wrists?
    I've gained weight & now over half of my bracelets won't fit :(

  2. Great reminder! It is so easy to let drinking in good amounts of water slip! It is so good for you!

  3. Your bladder will start expanding and you won't have to pee as frequently...I promise! I need to get back on the water train. It helps so much. The blocks are a great idea!

  4. I am a huge water drinking too since I started losing weight. I think I am actually addicted to drinking the water now, or at least obsessed with it. I still run to the washroom all the time and know where a lot more washrooms are in the malls, etc.

  5. I am trying to get more addicted to water but the side effect of being in the bathroom all the time is tough. Especially for an on the go lifestyle with two little kids. Bathroom stops are not fun! :) However, when I'm full of water I feel just that.....full! Totally worth it!

  6. A helpful phone app (free or 99 cents) for tracking your water intake is "Water Lite." It's pretty easy to use, enter in your weight ( LBS/KGS change as often as needed) and it automatically creates the number of ounces (or milliliters) you need per day. Fair warning does give you a 'grade' if you graph it so for Type A personalities (like me) who want an 'A' it may be the motivation you need. You can also vary the size of glass added to table ranging between 1 - 12 oz so change as needed to keep the accurate numbers.