Thursday, April 11, 2013

What are the People Around You Doing?

I think that one of the BIG things that helped me stay focused and dialed in to having the attitude of "I'm not stopping until I get to where I want to be" is the fact that I didn't once compare myself to what others were doing or how they were losing weight. I never questioned or wondered if their way was working faster or more efficiently. Or if they had discovered a way to lose weight without a lot of exercise, or maybe if I tried it their way for a short time, I would get to where I wanted to be faster. Nope, I never even had these types of things cross my mind. Why? Yes, my way may have been a bit slower, but for the the first time in all my attempts to lose the weight, I was not only successful, but it was starting to "stick" in my brain and become a way of life for me. Little by little, the change came and that is what kept me going. I didn't need anything else. I was happy just the way things were.

We all know people who are currently losing weight, working towards a better body, or just trying to get healthy. I think it's important to focus on YOU and let no one or anything distract you and deviate you from your course. That is what is going to get you to your goal. Focus....focus...focus!

In all reality, it's much like dealing with Satan/the Enemy when we let the distractions join in and outweigh our thinking. These distractions are nothing but trouble. Ever find your brain telling yourself you can't do it? To give up? To maybe do something easier that won't take as much effort? (But in the end you probably will have to start all over because that way didn't work, or it only brought you temporary joy.)  Satan's job is to tempt us, distract us, and make us question the things we are doing. What happens when we listen to him? Very simple...We aren't happy. Quite frankly we may even discover we are miserable because we chose to take an alternate route. We need to remember it's the Enemy's job is to make our lives miserable. To make you question what you are doing. To make you stop believing in yourself. Don't give him that satisfaction! Just keep going, doing what you know you should be doing and the weight WILL come off. I know I always say this but it's because my heart believes it so deeply. Slow and steady wins the race! The slower the better. I promise! I know I've mentioned it before,  but your brain and body need that time to make the adjustment and make it a change that will last forever.

So today my friends, press on. Focus only on YOU! Don't let anyone or anything tell you what they are doing is better and will work faster. Don't compare yourself with anyone at the gym or think you need to become someone you're not. If things are out of balance, fix them. If you haven't yet started, take that step. The most important thing to remember is that until you commit to doing this the right way, you will remain a prisoner in your own body. There a many healthy right ways to lose weight. Pick what works for you and be patient. Usually the right way takes more time, and that's okay. I promise you'll be much happier and a better YOU in the end. 

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  1. Truth! I think if you get consumed by the comparisons you get sucked down in the why nots. I'm guilty of this. Why can't I lose the weight faster, why is it so hard for me, why do I have to work so hard to see a minimal loss. Why can't I just be thin. Once I was able to get past that and focus on what "I" need to do it got a little easier. And I look to my inspirational women!! Thanks for the kick in the pants because I was starting to get in a rut again. Your post helped me keep it real

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  3. I really like this post, it helped me go forward. I find that I get so distracted, that I never focus on me. I need to though. There are so many things I could be doing than focusing on others. Like eating right and exercising! I must move forward and not be so easily off course. Thank you! Youre so right on!

  4. Thank you for the post....I am the type that looks for the faster way, when it really does slow me down. I am more focused then I have ever been right now, but you have helped me tighten some of my thoughts up. (If that makes since, lol)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I'm catching up on blog reading and so needed to read this today. :)