Friday, April 5, 2013

Enjoying Your Food!

One of the things I really worked on when I was on my journey to losing the weight is something I still try to implement.  I enjoy the food I'm eating. Sure, when you change your entire life around and start to eat to live and not live to eat, you might be eating some things that are new to you and or in some ways not all that enjoyable. (Considering most foods out there that make us fat are not the altogether taste good sweet treats.) The important thing for me when I took the step to becoming a better me was to eat and do nothing else. Okay, that sounds bad. No don't just eat, eat, eat, all day. But when it's time for a snack or a meal, I focused on my food. I would even process in my brain about the food I was eating and how it was going to help my body become stronger, more resilient, and healthy. I tried to avoid eating in front of the TV, computer, or anything else that would distract me. Otherwise I mentally wasn't processing that I was eating, so the need to feel like I should eat again sooner than later would arise. Often times, I would even try to justify my eating when I did it that way. Not good.

I really enjoy trying to savor the flavors of my food these days. I remember in the past, there were many times where I felt like I was inhaling my food. In so doing, I gained weight, not even caring about what was entering my mouth. It think that it's fair to say that can be a common thing with obese people. (As scary as it sounds, yes I was obese.) I try to have a large glass of water with me anytime I put food in my mouth. It helps. Again, I try to focus on eating slowly, drinking often during the snack/meal and like I said, tell myself about the good foods that are going into my body and what they will do for me. Now, don't get me wrong....I still eat naughty things and when I eat those things I have learned (I believe a lot of that learning has come from feeding my body and brain with good foods) that they are there for my enjoyment, not as a medication of sorts. I remind myself that I am bigger than the treat, and I am in charge of my body, not the food. I have told my brain that treats and I have become friends. In a good way. You see, I never deprived myself of them on my journey. Yep, I lost 133 pounds eating treats. Not every day, no. But I wanted to enjoy them occasionally and learn how to enjoy them in the proper way, mixed in with the good whole foods I was eating at other times during the day. Learning the balance is the trick. Our brains are trained to perk up when sweets, treats, grease, naughty foods are present. Why? Because that is society and that is what the majority of us have been exposed to. It's what's out there. It's whats most convenient. 

I'm a firm believer though, that if we focus on the good foods we are putting into our mouths and remind our brains often of what a difference they are making, we will naturally fall in love with eating healthy. I know it may sound odd to some, but it's worked for me. In fact I love to eat healthy now. I even order healthy on the menu when I easily could order something naughty for an evening. It comes natural to me. Almost like the roles have been reversed. (Always looking for healthy instead of always ordering what sounds good whether it's good for me or not.) I promise, the more you focus on your mealtime, slowing down, savoring the flavors in your food, and not being distracted, the more food will become your friend instead of your enemy. No, it's not easy, but I promise it's worth it!

One of my favorites! (Pulled Pork Salad)

Yep, and an occasional naughtiness

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  1. When I starting truly changing my way of living in January, food was the first to change. There are some things now that I can't believe I've gone this long without!! Great post!!

  2. I agree...but I'm not quite there yet. I still crave the "bad stuff," but I know that if I keep up with my journey, I will get to the point where I will crave the good stuff!

  3. I want ti start my journey. I'm thankful to God for putting healthy foods on the earth and I admit I eat a naughty food kind of often, but I want to be better! Thank you for being an AMAZING example.

  4. So agree with you, eating 'naughty treats' in moderation will just charge you up till the next treat and make you work harder for it!

  5. This is great advice! I always have been a person who rushes through my food, and I actually don't really enjoy eating since I am always rushing. I am on a meal replacement plan right now, but I will use some of this to help when I start introducing health food back into my diet next week.