Friday, June 1, 2012

Running in the Rain!

It's been on my mind for a few days to write about my run last Saturday. There were so many elements of that run  that were good, I don't seem to want to forget any of them. First off I should start by saying, for some, this run may not have been ideal. It was raining the entire way. Not just a light sprinkle but RAIN! In the past I've enjoyed my rainy runs but this was the first time it rained that long and that hard the entire duration of the run. We headed out (Tam and I) and the first thought that went through my mind when we ran down the road in front of her house was..."Oh, this is going to be fun!"(I think I even said that to her.) We were off to do a nine-miler and I was loving every minute of the cool, overcast weather and the water that was misting my face. It wasn't long before I realized not only would we be running in the rain but we'd be puddle jumping along the way. How fun is that? It definitely added a new twist to things. Ironically, my feet felt great. (This came as a blessing and of great surprise to me considering the one and only run my feet allowed me to do the week before was a run that 3.75 miles into the run my foot gave out, cramped up and I immediately dropped to the ground, threw off my shoe and was crying in pain on the side of a busy road.) I wasn't wearing the best jacket as far as keeping the water out is concerned, so by mile six I was pretty much soaked. The jacket just stuck to my arms and my legs looked as if I just stepped out of the shower. My feet at this point were starting to get tired but I think most of that was the extra weight they were carrying due to the fact that my shoes and socks were water logged. Often times when I run, just because my feet aren't 100% yet, they feel heavy but to add two shoes full of water to the mix was an added bonus. I know at this point my running partner was not enjoying the moment at all and was probably wondering what in the world we were doing running in these sort of conditions (not to mention she was fighting a cold).  Something about her dedication to me and helping me be successful as a runner is something I cherish. 

We continued to press on one mile at a time and by the time we finished mile nine, I think we both were ready to be done for the day. Even though I say that, I so enjoyed that run. It was cool, we got wet, (maybe a little more than anticipated) and most importantly my feet were happy most of the way. It made for a happy Paige the rest of the day.
 P.S. This was an after effect - when I got home and took my shoe off this is what my toe was trying to tell me. Mmm, I didn't feel anything during the run but for some reason with the running and moisture/friction I ended up with a purple toe. Does it hurt now? Yep! 

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  1. I actually just came in from running 5 miles in the rain, just a nice light rain, not a down pour like you guys had! I have 2 black toenails right now..leftover from a few weeks ago when I got new running shoes. I took them back and got a half size bigger. I bet that when your feet got so wet the slid around and your toenail was hitting the front of your shoe. Hope it feels better soon!

  2. I love running in the rain as long as it isn't too cold. Did 5k in a warm heavy rain Friday morning before work!
    Ouch! Your toe looks very very sore.

    My Running Shortz