Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scale vs No Scale

Personally I think scales are evil. (I don't use that word often so you know my thoughts on this one must be serious.) Some things to think about...

Things the scale does in your favor:
May or may not accurately keep track of lost pounds

Things the scale does NOT do in your favor:
Plays mind games with you.
Fluctuates whenever it wants (without permission mind you)
Adds stress
Is an obsession
Is never consistent
Is depressing
Easy to compare with others

It's obvious that without hardly thinking about it the list of negatives has far out listed the positives. All the more reason to get rid of the scale. I'll be honest, maybe getting rid of it altogether isn't best for everyone. I think each situation is different and should be looked at carefully. I know for me, as I was losing my weight (and remember, I had a lot to lose), it was nice to have the scale around so I could visually see the numbers fall off since I didn't notice a difference in my body for quite some time. After I lost the first chunk of weight, I continued to use the scale as a guide, but I mostly went off of measurements and how I felt. How you feel I think is key if you're going to make it a lifestyle. 

Once I hit my goal, (Jan. 2011) I've committed to getting on the scale only once a week. I personally picked Wednesday (mid week).  It's a chance for me to check in and make sure I'm still in check, but for the most part I go on how my clothes fit. I figure even if my body changes in some way, as long as I can still fit comfortably into those size 6's, I'm good to go. Not only that, when I tend to let my clothes do the guiding, it's just another confirmation that I've truly adopted a lifestyle change. For so many years I was concerned about my weight, what the scale said from one day to the next, and if I could ever fix it. What a wonderful feeling it is to just feel normal for once. Like I fit in with everyone else.

I know the scale is a part of life, but I'm glad I've gotten away from the addiction of it. It was a bad one. Just like any other addiction out there. If we aren't careful, it won't take long for it to destroy us. It's SO much better to LIVE life, eat what you want, (in moderation of course) put your trust in God, and use your clothes as your guide to success. Personally, my clothes are the best scale out there!

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  1. I completely agree. The more often I weigh, the more obsessive i become.

  2. I have to say that I have finally learned (took me long enough) to not let my scale kick me around. I do weigh once a week, and I'm ok with that. My weight can go up or down 3 0r 4 lbs from water, salt, just isnt worth it to me to hop on everyday and get my feelings hurt!

  3. Hi Paige, I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. I absolutely love your blog and can really relate to your feelings / emotions about weight loss. I've read all your posts and love your outlook on your journey. Please stop by my blog to collect your award. Many Thanks, Sonia xoxo