Friday, June 22, 2012

What NOT to Eat on a Road Trip

Does heading out the door on a road trip ever sound daunting when trying to lose weight? Sitting all day in the car? What are you going to eat along the way? It's interesting to me how many times "naughty" options are available along one freeway. Take a look at just a few pictures I captured yesterday.

Kinda scary huh? I realize most of these food establishments might offer a "light" menu or even a salad as an option, but my advice is to steer clear regardless. I've never really been a grease eater but I know plenty of people who are. They try to be healthy by ordering the salad and then order fries on the side! (bad idea)

Personally, I stick with two options on a road trip. (I only wish I would have figured this one out years ago.) Hit Subway or BMOF (bring my own food) . Subway is great not only because it's fresh and non-greasy but there are signs for Subway at virtually each passing food exit. In fact, my kids have spent hours counting Subway signs on extensive car trips. (I never realized how many are out there!) Not only that, my kids love Subway. If they had the choice, often times Subway would be picked instead of McDonald's or Burger King.

Today wasn't a Subway day for me as I had dinner in mind upon my arrival, so I stuck with BMOF.  

I think the key in being successful at this is planning ahead. So often before we head out the door on a trip, especially if we're planning to be gone more than a couple days, the idea is to clean out the fridge and get rid of things, right? Not having to worry about going to the store until returning? You're thinking......Oh, we'll stop and eat along the way.  I always try to keep a few things around to take and if I happen to be out, I'll hit the store. Today was some crackers, cheese sticks, nuts, and fresh fruit. YUM! 

Another thought: Isn't it interesting that one of the most common things to do on a road trip is eat? Yep, it's true. Why is that so? Because we're bored and/or have nothing else to do to pass the time except snack the time away. Try putting all your food in the trunk and forcing yourself to stop every couple hours along the way, get out stretch your legs for a few minutes, and grab a quick snack. Not only will you feel better but you'll be pacing your eating and not gorging, which is what happens all too often when traveling down the road.

One last thing I might mention about BMOF is that it's the cheaper option in most cases. For the amount you spend on one value menu at a fast food stop including the drink, you can buy several food items to take along the way. 

Now onto the reason I was on the road trip in the first place. Yep, it's that time. Time to Rock N Roll! Whether my feet are ready or not, tomorrow's the day I run my second half marathon. Here's a sneak peak.

(Click on the picture and it will give you a virtual tour)

Oh yes, and a picture of my dinner I was telling you about that awaited me upon arrival. Seattle + sushi = YUM!

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  1. Proper planning prevents poor performance!

  2. Praying for you Paige!! Can't wait to hear all about the race! I like the idea of having healthy meals and snacks in the car...I never let myself get too hungry, just setting myself up for poor choices! Good Luck!

  3. Baby carrots are my favorite trip food. I like to eat the outsides off and try to get just that middle piece core all by itself. It keeps me wake when it's my turn to drive. Sounds silly, but it is way better than chips and candy I used to eat.
    And I don't feel so icky when I get where I'm going. Subway rocks!

    Have FUN tomorrow.

  4. Planning has been key to my success the past two months. I can't imagine not planning now. Thanks for the subway suggestion - I always forget about that on the road!

  5. I can't wait to hear about how your half went, I hope that it was everything you'd wanted. Congrats on putting in the time and hard work to train for it! We are leaving this Friday for a three week, 2,400 mile round trip vacation road trip. We tow our travel trailer, so we have a fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, blender, grill, etc with us. That makes it easier to eat right, but those places along the highway are still tempting!

  6. Good luck for your race ... wow that course looks long!!

  7. I remember when we were kids, my parents would pack healthy foods in an esky in the back and we would do what you said - get out and run around every few hours, and have a snack, generally of fruit. They always said no to take-away food on the road. In hindsight it wasn't just about money - it was about making healthier choices. PS - you're totally right, Subway is a great option PPS - good luck with the race :)