Sunday, May 26, 2013

Testimony and Weight Loss

Today in church I was filling in for the teacher who normally teaches the kids 14-18. We were talking about what a testimony is and here are a few things they came up with:

A belief
Having faith
Something spiritual

We then broke it down and shared on many points. One thing we touched on was the idea that a testimony can be one of many things. Yes, it can be one of a spiritual sense, but also can be one that could have to do with an aspect of school, maybe a hobby, family, a sport...many things. I challenged the kids to search for something in their lives over the next couple weeks that they could nourish. That they could either strengthen or start the process of gaining a testimony of whatever it is they are seeking or trying to accomplish.

As I've been home this afternoon, my mind has been focused on picking an area in my own life to strengthen and improve, as I told the kids I would do the same thing I asked of them. It wasn't long in my thinking that I got sidetracked and found myself thinking about the journey I put myself on just a few short years ago. How in the beginning I had very little, if no faith, on what I was about to set out and do. (lose 133 pounds) In fact, I had attempted it so many times before, I knew it was nearly impossible. I knew the seed had been planted as the desire was there, I was just a bit uncertain on how it was all going to play out. In my eyes, I just knew this time had to be different.

The days, weeks, and months went by and that seed that I had originally planted was growing. It started out small as I learned what I needed to do and how I needed to eat, but the more I focused on nourishing it, the more it grew. The more it grew, the more I believed. Doors started to open, knowledge started to poor in, and I was learning things that before had never surfaced because I had let my seed dry up before any vegetation came to light. It wasn't long before my "Charlie Brown" tree turned into a full blown beautiful tree with many branches and greenery to boot. 

From that point on, I wanted nothing but to keep it alive and going. Better yet, I wanted to share it with others. Thus the reason I started journaling my thoughts, my journey, and sharing of this blog. This is a prime example of something in my life I did not believe in until recent years -- me. As sad as that sounds, when it came to my weight and becoming healthy, I didn't know it was possible. I couldn't physically see it or touch the results. Why would I believe it? Especially after trying so many times before. The truth of the matter is, the more I nourished that seed of desire, the more it grew. The more it grew, the more I started to believe and change. 

I am blessed to tell you today that I do have a testimony of gaining a healthy body. It can be done. Why? Because I did it. I've lived it. And just like the kids stated this morning, a testimony is one of faith, belief, hope, conviction, happiness, and spirituality. All these things can only make us better people.

I am so grateful that I have changed my life, have found true happiness, and was given the opportunity to reflect on it a bit today.

Bless you all as you continue on your own journey. You are worth far more than you will ever imagine. 

(It was a blessing to have my daughter in class with me this morning as I taught. Thank you McKenna for your sweet comments and participation.)

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  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you...

  2. McKenna always makes such great comments! Thanks for this post and for teaching for me. :)